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Getting There

The Yucatan Peninsula has two international airports: Cancun and Merida.  Cancun has arrivals from around the world, while Merida is serviced by connecting international flights daily from Mexico City, Houston, Atlanta and Miami.

Directions from the Merida Airport:
Turn right on Avenida Itzaes and continue north on Avenida Itzaes to Calle 59 (the Zoo and a fountain will be on the near left corner). Turn right on Calle 59 and continue to Calle 66. Turn right. Villa Sarteneja is between Calle 67 and Calle 69, on the left hand side in the middle of the block. Parking is on the east side of the street, only.

From Cancun to Merida by car:  The toll highway between Cancun and Merida is excellent, and the journey takes about 3.5 hours non stop.  Along the way, Vallodolid, a charming Mexican city, the newest Wonder of the World - Chichen Itza - or the Franciscan Convent of Izamal are all easily accessible and worth a visit.  Once in Merida, take Calle 65 west, past Cruz Roja (Red Cross) and the Plaza Oriente into el Centro. Stay on 65 and turn south (left) at Calle 66. Villa Sarteneja is on the next block, on the left side of the street at 556.

From Cancun to Merida by bus:  Buses run hourly from the Cancun bus station to Merida.  A taxi from the airport is $200 pesos (about $18US) to the bus terminal in Cancun, or the shuttle bus to the bus terminal in Cancun is about $50 pesos or $4US. When you arrive in Merida, Villa Sarteneja is just one and a half blocks from the ADO bus terminal in Merida. Exit the bus terminal by the east door, walk one block east down Calle 69, turn left and Villa Sarteneja is at 556 on Calle 66 a few doors down and to the left.

(Note: There are also several buses daily, direct from the Cancun airport to Merida. These buses stop at Fiesta American Hotel in Merida, where you’ll need to catch a taxi to Villa Sarteneja. Its about 5 minutes and 50 pesos. Stop at the ADO bus wicket as you leave the airport terminal to see if one of buses is available when you arrive.)




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